Violet Summer Zine was founded in 2015 by Melissa Henderson, publisher and owner of Mel Writes LLC. VSZ is an Urban Literary Magazine. VSZ features long and short form content from creatives located around the world. Melissa founded the zine after her risque stories were often rejected from mainstream publications.  Today, Melissa and the VSZ team are fueled with a desire to tell stories she that resonate with both males and females, primarily individuals between ages 22-29, with 60% working in sales/marketing, entrepreneurs, students, artists and senior managers. 

"I created the zine after I didn’t feel connected to the stories being published in mainstream magazines. I was bored!! I wanted to publish stories that were reflective on what dating / fashion / travel / culture was IRL. I also wanted to write about dope talent I came across as a writer and not have to pitch to an editor who could shoot down my idea.  What's important to me is staying true to my gut instincts. Never writing about something because “everyone else is doing it” but really thinking outside the box to keep it fresh." - Melissa Henderson

Melissa and VSZ Team bring a global understanding of urban and mainstream culture.  They use their unapologetic personalities, industry connections and morals to add depth and substance to their pieces in the zine. At the core, the zine is the mixtape of the summer. Melissa is the Kendrick Lamar of literature and the Oprah of zine covers. 

The zine is published in print and digital every summer on June 21. VSZ and its content has been featured in The Daily Mail UK, The Huffington Post, Galore, XO JANE, Rebel Circus and more.

The zine can be read on Amazon.com, Issuu.com, and select digital outlets. The print version can be purchased online and in select boutique brick and mortar stores.